Electrical, Control, Instrumentation System Design & Manufacture to Commissioning & Training

PELLINNO can assist with initial feasibility studies and deliver concept design through to client approval. Compiling of Operation & Maintenance Manuals within a complete document controlled environment.

Our engineers have many years experience in providing specialised design as a complete solution to meet client requirements.

Typical documentation examples include; functional design specifications, CAD drawings covering system design and cause and effect, cable calculation and PLC I/O listing.

Personnel are experienced in delivering methods and systems for key critical projects:

  • Functional and Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Site Commissioning
  • Site Acceptance and Witness Testing
  • Operator System Handover Training
  • Operator System Personnel CPD and Periodic Competency
  • Certified Training Schemes

Gas Detection

PELLINNO has over 25 years of professional engineering in the gas detection field, both fixed and portable. Gas detection is crucial for both personnel safety and the safe and efficient operation of a plant or process. This may also form part of an imposed requirement by a client’s insurance provider.

At PELLINNO we can offer the following services to assist clients in this field; consultancy services including site surveys, risk assessments and advice on legislation, supply of fixed systems including installation and commissioning, supply of portable and fixed gas detectors, maintenance and 24/7 support or call out services.

Fixed Gas Detection Systems

PELLINNO offers a range of fixed gas detection systems to provide protection for both plant and personnel. Whether your requirements are for a hazardous (Ex) area environment or safe area PELLINNO provides equipment to monitor the atmosphere for Flammable, Oxygen deficiency and toxic gasses.

Control Panels

A range of control panels are available as single or multi-channel units.
Options include:

  • On screen data logging results
  • Configurable relay options including voting
  • Simple cost effective versions

Gas Detecting Heads

Safe Area

Signal 4-20mA
Available for Oxygen and toxic gasses
IR Options available for CO2

Hazardous Area (Ex)

FGD10B (Exd)
Signal 4-20mA
Options with or without display
Integral relays options available
Available for Oxygen, toxic and flammable gasses
IR Options available for flammable and CO2

FGD3 (I.S)
Signal 4-20mA
Available for Oxygen, toxic and flammable gasses
IR Options available for flammable and CO2

Blackline Safety G7 Personal Gas Detector

The G7 Gas Personal Gas Detector has been specifically designed for Lone Workers. Utilising GPS and GSM 2/3G technology in conjunction with Blackline Live Portal.
The G7 can of alarms, through a fall, no-motion or manually triggered, all of which are received remotely through a 24/7 monitoring service. Emergency teams can quickly locate the worker through GPS and speak directly through built voice communication.

Key features:

  • Available as single or multi-gas detectors
  • GPS Location
  • Real Time Alerts
  • 2-Way Voice Calling (Between instruments)
  • Voice and Text functions
  • Fall and no-motion detection
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring
  • Pumped options available

Project Planning, Management & Reporting

PELLINNO has multiple years of project management and senior project management experience, including multi-site construction, small and multi-million pound project management, planning and reporting.

At PELLINNO we are competent and qualified expertise using typical project management, planning and reporting software packages including:

  • Primavera P6
  • Microsoft Project

We also offer commercial and contractual awareness using typical contracts structures, including NEC 3.

Technical Consultancy, Project Compliance, Due Diligence Audits & Monitoring

PELLINNO offers technical consultancy for electrical, control and instrumentation project design and delivery. These services include:

  • Periodic and Adhoc Project Compliance Audits
  • Periodic and Adhoc Due Diligence Audits

Renewable Energy Services & Biogas

PELLINNO have over 30 years of professional engineering experience in house, providing technical solutions and support packages or services within numerous industrial engineering sectors including:

  • Anaerobic Digestion (including Micro-Biological System Support)
  • Biomass
  • Biogas
  • Gas to Grid
  • CHP Systems
  • Analysers

PELLINNO develop and support systems understanding that a consistently healthy plant or system will maximise our client systems output revenue. 100% plant availability is crucial to profitability.

PELLINNO procure within non-exclusive OEM agreements purposely to ensure we only select without influence the most ideal solution for our clients.